DIY “Chalk Paint” Cleaning Buckets

One thing I have become particularily obsessed with is the idea of chalk paint being used on various items. I must admit, I have a problem. I am addicted to Pinterest. I have been known to look for a recipe and the next thing I know it is an hour later and I am no longer looking for a stromboli recipe, instead I am sending quirky e-cards to my friends. I definitely like the crafting and DIY sections and the inspiration it gives me, the not-so-crafty individual.
Now one thing that I have overcome since becoming a mother is the need for everything to be in its designated place at ALL times. That, however, does not by any means make it ok that my bathroom closet is a disaster area. I will not bore you with the details of everything I went through, get rid of old medications, sheets that fit beds we no longer use, etc.
I will tell you though that I needed organization! I also loved the idea of having a bucket designated to just bathroom cleaning supplies to access easily (thank you Pinterest). Here comes the part where I tie in my love for chalk paint. I started out with the tin buckets that my love got for FREE at the bar and grill he works at because they were throwing them away.
I then bought acrylic paint from Walmart for 97ยข, and used brushes I had on hand.

Now originally I was not planning on these buckets having the chalk paint characteristics and was just going to paint the name on them with a different color. As it turned out though, between the tin from the buckets and the acrylic paint, my buckets turned out to be perfect chalk boards!

Now I can erase them easily with a wet towel and have all of my supplies organized! They turned out better than I had anticipated and could not be happier. Plus the added bonus of the organization makes them even better!

From Now On: Embracing the Imperfections

Melchor Lim once said, “There are three little words that can release you from your past struggles and regrets and guide you forward to a positive new beginning. Those words are ‘From now on’.” This blog is going to serve as my ‘From now on’.
I have always strived to be as close to perfect as possible and have continuously been disappointed with the results.Since becoming a mother four and a half years ago I have come to realize that there is absolutely no room for perfectionism in motherhood. There are days when everything runs smoothly and then there are days when it takes all that I have to make it to bedtime without losing it.
I hope to use this blog as an outlet to share my triumphs and faltering on this journey to becoming the best mother I can possibly be. I hope that, ‘Living with Grace and Joy’ will help me and those mothers like me embrace the imperfections of life and revel in the opportunities to enjoy the grace and joy that comes from being a mother. From now on there will be no looking back, only moving forward. Truly, Angela