Learning the Powers of Positive Thinking

There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you find out someone you love is sick. My grandpa has been a large influence in my life and a major contributor in making me the person I am today. So last month, when my grandma called with the news, my heart just broke. After more than twenty years cancer free that horrible disease had returned. My tears fell without pause as my grandma explained that what was first thought to be ulcers was in fact a tumor.

Now my grandpa is a fighter, and I know he will give his all to beat this disease yet again. With my grandparents being so far away, I feel that that it is even more important for me to give my support in anyway possible. Even though states may separate us our thoughts and prayers are with him daily. I am fortunate enough that the timing of this discovery has come when I am able to make that 17 hour trip to visit him and lend my support in person.

I have become determined to make this trip a positive and fun trip for myself and my girls, and not one that focuses on the depressing reason for traveling. While circumstances may be beyond my control, my reactions are. I have chosen to show my girls that it is important to be present for those you love whether it be physically or mentally and to embrace every situation positive or negative. I know they are both still young but I believe it is never to early to start teaching that positive thinking and reaction can help you overcome the bad. When I come back, I plan on sharing with you a few do’s and don’ts I have learned while traveling with little ones on the road. Until next time!


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